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    Hematite is an iron oxide compound found in black, silver-gray, brown, and red colors, and is slightly magnetic. Hematite has been found on Mars, leading scientists to infer that water was once present on the planet. Named in ancient Greece, it means "blood stone," and was one of the first stones given the suffix "-ite" at the end. As a blood stone, it has been historically used in situations to protect the blood, such as menstruation, childbirth, and battle. Hematite has a grounding and calming quality to it, and supports the root chakra. It also supports the solar plexus chakra with courage and emotional fortitude. It helps us when we stand in our own ways to resolve what's holding us back and step into our fuller power. This includes banishing addictive behaviors. Hematite can also block negative energies, making it a helpful aid for empaths.