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    Selenite is a high vibrational protective stone, effective in cleansing and charging other crystals. It doesn't require any cleansing itself. The name Selenite comes from Greek Moon Goddess, Selene. This crystal is said to work well with the third eye and crown chakras, opening psychic communication, as well as aid in the recollection of dreams and past-life memories. It facilitates connecting with ancestors, angels, and spirit guides. It is said to be a link to the light body, with the power to anchor it into earth's vibration. Physically, Selenite can remove energy blockages from the body and auric field. Building Selenite grids are a good way to shield a space from negative energy entering in. Selenite is associated with the powers of the Moon, and the zodiac sign of Cancer. It's a must-have stone for any healer or energy worker!