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    Moldavite is a high frequency Tektite, said to be of extraterrestrial origin. Many find its vibration to be intensely transformational. It can catalyst profound life changes like no other stone. It is a potent tool for spiritual evolution and expansion of consciousness. Moldavite ushers one towards spiritual truth, and as such can provide an intense ride for the ego. Said to provide a channel for communication between worlds, and facilitate dimensional travel. Due to its high frequency, Moldavite can also be used for psychic protection, and it will raise the vibration of other stones around it to their highest potential. It is advised to use Moldavite sparingly in the beginning until you get used to its power and intensity. A grounding stone such as Shungite or Black Tourmaline may be helpful to use with Moldavite initially, to help you better tolerate its high energy. Moldavite can stimulate psychic abilities very fast and should be used with caution.