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    Through perhaps the most successful marketing of any stone other than the Diamond, Tanzanite has gained worldwide recognition through the efforts of Tiffany and Company. While the main Zoisite deposit in Tanzania produces quite an array of colors, it is the royal blue that is most sought after. Most Tanzanite is heated to bring out this shade from the more dull & boring color when it comes out of the ground. Natural blue Tanzanite does in fact exist, and will continue to be sought after by collectors and investors for many years to come.

    The magical Tanzanite can open you up to ancient wisdom and knowledge. It is said to increase spiritual awareness on all levels of the self, while clearing the channel between your angels and guides. Tanzanite also stimulates clairaudience and heightens intuition. It stimulates both the throat and heart Chakras, resolving any blockages between these two Chakras, and then connecting them with higher wisdom of the third eye Chakra. Tanzanite is a stone that will accelerate spiritual growth. It is said to be an excellent assistance for workaholics, as it encourages calm and taking it easy, while helping with concentration.