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    In the good old days, Citrine was plentiful. These days, there is a pretty serious lack of good Citrine on the market. There is a shortage of rough, and a shortage of crystals. Citrine has come from all over the world, in various shades. We do not have a huge amount in stock so get it while you can!

    Citrine is a stone of good fortune, joy, and abundance. It emits a positive and radiant sunny aura! Citrine is self cleansing and never needs to be cleared because it doesn't accumulate any negative vibrations. In fact, it can actually clear other stones placed around it. Citrine is associated with the energy of the Sun and the solar plexus chakra. It enhances personal power and one’s life force. Citrine can help combat negative energy and is often used as protective stone. Citrine heightens confidence, mental clarity, and willpower. Citrine is a great stone for boosting personal energy, and also for bringing greater joy and prosperity into one's life!