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    All of our Sugilite has either been sourced directly in South Africa, or has come out of old estate collections or lapidary hoards. Most of our Sugilite has been photographed both wet and dry. Sugilite is a popular pink and purple color shift mineral. Translucency is the first priority in grading Sugilite, with pure "gel" (without cracks) being the most valuable. Secondly, Sugilite grows with a variety of other minerals, some of which add value, and some of which take away. Manganese is almost always present with Sugilite rough. The more black Manganese that is present, the less valuable the stone. The main deposit of commercial quantity of Sugilite has always been a few of the larger Manganese mines in the Kalahari, South Africa, Wessels, and N'chwaning. Being larger scale Manganese ore mines, Sugilite is a byproduct, and often not the focal point of these operations. If you have any old stock, we are always interested, and we buy regularly if price and quality match our needs.

    Sugilite assists in awakening your deepest dreams, bringing you the courage and optimism to pursue them, while also providing the fortitude to manifest those dreams into reality. Sugilite is one of the very best crystals for those who are highly sensitive and take on whatever energies are around them, providing a "shield of light" around the wearer and repelling negativity. Its energy brings inspiration, creativity, confidence, and the desire to release one’s past and move forward in peace and joy. Due to its calming energy, many people use Sugilite for sleep disturbances such as nightmares and insomnia. Sugilite is also a marvelous stone to help children feel safe and centered, and to adapt to the world around them.

    Richterite is often found with Sugilite.  It is a stone of communication and healing. It resonates with the throat chakra, and may open communication blocks. Richterite brings calming energy and assists in dealing with stress. It is said to be a powerful stone of centering, especially when combined with Sugilite.