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    One of the top 4 most popular collectible minerals, Calcite grows in a myriad of habits and comes in almost every color, from every region on Earth! With such a wide array of specimens available, it's very hard not to love Calcite! From Dog Tooth, to Poker Chip, to Scalenohedron, to associations with Quartz, Fluorite, Sulfides, etc. We see new fascinating calcites come to market every year! Watch Mexico and China for exciting new finds!

    Calcite is called “the stone of humanity.” It is a stone that amplifies energy and has protective and purifying properties. Calcite is able to clear and activate all the chakras. It is often used to remove negative energy from one’s environment, and to facilitate opening up to a higher consciousness. It is a peaceful stone that can also assist in centering and grounding work. Calcite comes in many colors, and each color has their own specific metaphysical healing properties. For example- White Calcite is said to improve memory and assists with astral travel, Orange Calcite has been known to balance emotions and remove fear, and Black Calcite is said to relieve depression and soothe heartache.