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    Mexico is the Africa of the West! The mineral wealth there is virtually untapped in regards to specimens and cutting rough. Some of the best copper and silver deposits in the world are in Mexico! And many new types of lapidary rough are still buried waiting for excavation! We expect to see a rise in the variety of minerals and rough found in Mexico soon.

    Copper is one of the oldest healing minerals of mankind and was used extensively in Egypt and ancient Sumeria. Copper stimulates optimism, independence, and taking initiative. Copper is believed to stabilize the blood and improve circulation. Wearing a Copper bracelet is said to alleviate joint discomfort and other associated issues, as well as ward off illness and ease motion sickness. Copper is said to amplify thoughts and to be able to send and receive energy, thus facilitating psychic communication. Historically, Copper was believed to bring good luck and wealth. Copper works on all of the chakras, but is particularly effective on the root and heart chakras. Copper is suited for protection and directing energy, and is often used by energy healers. It is associated with the element of water and the planet Venus.