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    Mala necklaces, also called japa mala beads, are prayer bead necklaces. Many religions across many cultures have used prayer beads throughout history, and today they are also used for secular mediation and mindfulness practices. Combined with the energies of the crystals used to form the beads, malas can be a powerful transformative tool in your life. They typically have 108 beads, which have differing significances according to different cultures, in addition to 1 guru bead and a tassel, which help you find the spot where the circle and cycle ends and begins. Typical use involves holding the mala and touching each bead one at at time, while focusing on a particular prayer, mantra, or simply your breath for each bead, as you move your hands down the line of beads. There are traditional prayers, mantras, and breath exercises one can follow. Working with crystal malas, however, offers and another creative option, for the wearer to create their own words of focus according to what properties of the stone they are looking to resonate with.