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    Dubbed "Green Gold," Dioptase is perhaps second only to Emerald in expressing the finest shades of green that Nature has to offer! While a challenge to photograph and capture its truest color, Dioptase will always hold a place in any major mineral collection. It's just too green to be true! Popular localities include Tsumeb (the finest!), Kazakhstan, DR Congo, Kaokaveld Namibia, Brassville Congo, and Argentina. 

    Dioptase is a stone that helps bring remembrance and healing for past-life issues. It helps in releasing past karma and old emotional patterns. Connected to the heart chakra, its lovely green color vibrates with the energies of abundance, compassion, and forgiveness. Dioptase can help you see your life in a more abundant way, eliminating any feelings of perceived lack, and thus bringing expansion of abundance in all ways. It is said that Dioptase can open inner vision and bring understanding of one’s life's purpose and acceptance of the present moment. Dioptase can also be helpful in overcoming addictive behavior, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.