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    Hailing from (you guessed it, Brazil!) Brazilianite is a bright yellow mineral that aptivates the eye. Yellow isn't very common in the mineral world, and Brazilianite sure is up there as one of the finest yellows around. Production has been sparse lately, but good stock came in more quantity in the 2000s.

     Brazilianite is a very high vibrational stone that is said to connect with ancient Atlantean wisdom . It is a stone that brings creativity, and may facilitate the opening of metaphysical gifts. Brazilianite has also been called the “stone of right action.” It helps you set rules and limits, and is particularly helpful when raising teenagers. In relationships, it can help you move away from victimhood and rise up to empowerment. Brazilianite helps clear the crown chakra of any blockages so higher wisdom of the universe can come in. It is also useful in working with the heart and upper heart chakras.

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