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    Brandberg produces the world's most famous Amethyst specimen deposit! Nowhere else can boast the sheer number of possibilities of a quartz specimen all contained in one piece as in this region. Particularly at the Goboboseb deposit, crystals can contain ALL of the following characteristics in one piece: sceptering, Smoky and Amethyst color zoned phantoms, multiple Hematite fleck inclusions, skeletal hoppering, 3-phase enhydro inclusions, mirror luster and brilliance, water gem clarity, and the list goes on and on!  Mind blowing crystals come from this location year after year!

    Vera Cruz produces some of the most aesthetically desirable clusters of high luster, gemmy clear Amethyst in the world! It has been known to be a dangerous area to work, but somehow every few years a great discovery of gemmier lusterous clusters and singles make it to Tucson for the big rock show.

     India surprisingly does not offer a wide variety of mineral treasures. They do have an extensive deposit of Zeolite minerals that dazzle the eye with amazing color and aesthetic. Karur, in the south, is a fantastic world renowned Amethyst deposit. And far north in the Himalayas, like all mountain ranges, exceptional quartzes of great variety can be found.

    Amethyst is famously known as Nature's Tranquilizer, due to its calming and soothing effects. It is a powerful tool for healing both animals and plants. Amethyst can help transform negative energies, especially when placed in areas where life refuses to thrive. Working with this crystal on the third eye chakra can help provoke positive dreams and even counteract insomnia! Amethyst also helps amplify creative energy by inspiring new and original ideas. It is a wonderful crystal to have around for composers, poets, inventors, and painters. Creativity can be amplified by placing Amethyst in your studio or other artistic space. Add Amethyst to your crystal collection to aid in creative endeavors and heal both yourself and those around you!

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