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    Ahhhoite... what an amazing color! Only truly to be seen again in nature in tropical waters. We have an uncanny symbiotic relationship with this stone and our passion for this color spectrum is indescribable. This fantastic Copper Silicate inclusion in Quartz hails from the Messina Mine, on the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe, originally found in Ajo, Arizona. We have been fortunate enough to develop a great relationship with the miners of this material over the past years and have distributed about 80% of the material that came out of the two major pockets hit in 2008.

    Ajoite is a powerful yet gentle emotional healer. It can assist with resolving old karmic wounds, from this lifetime as well as previous ones. Working with Ajoite can assist one’s spiritual evolution by bringing transformation and understanding of past karma and difficult experiences. It works by gently purifying the throat, heart, and upper Chakras, and is especially cleansing for the heart Chakra. Some of the strongest gifts of Ajoite are strengthening and balancing the emotional body by bringing healing and harmonization for tense emotions. Ajoite is a great stone for those who struggle with excessive fear, worry, control issues, and grief. It can help release toxic emotions and old emotional wounds, in a gentle and loving way.

    Papagoite is a highly rare and powerful crystal. Not much metaphysical info exists on Papagoite due to the fact that it is hard to come by and has not been handled by many people. Papagoite holds a very pure, peace-filled, and spiritually expansive energy. Meditating with Papagoite can evoke a sense of spiritual euphoria, especially when handled for the first time. The energy of Papagoite is highly benevolent and tends to harmonize with whatever touches it. In other words, Papagoite meets you at the level you are comfortable with. It will gently raise your vibration, if you allow it to, at a rate that you are ready for.

    Messina's famous copper deposit really struck its specimen peak when the marketing of Ajoite and Papagoite inclusions in Quartz made it a more popular specimen deposit. Boasting over 25 known minerals in Quartz, and many others still unidentified, the various Messina deposits have become a sort of Mecca for Quartz inclusion enthusiasts! Specimens from Messina have come in waves over the years. Logistics and politics in Africa create challenging risks for investors! Messina will produce again, but not without great effort and investment.