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    1. SHUNGITE Shungite: What this recent phenomenon is, how to use it, and where to buy an authentic piece for yourself! Special Highlights: Tune into later in the article to gain insights into COLOMBIAN SHUNGITE, (Russia was the only locality for Shungite until now!), AND to see how Shungite can help you during this MERCURY RETROGRADE SEASON (September 27, 2021, to October 17, 2021)! (Hi there! If you are here for the Metaphysical properties of Shungite, it can be found towards the end of the article! Th...
    2. OPAL OPAL STONES Legend The Bedouins of the Arabic desert believed that Opal fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning. The ancient Greeks thought that opals endowed their keepers the gift of prophecy, and protected them from ailments. The Europeans have regarded opal to be a stone of purity, hope, and truth. Is it the infusion of colors playing as rainbows, fires, volcanoes, galaxies, and fireworks that have captured people across the world, and through the times, or is it the regards to it...