Do you know about those BEAUTIFUL Amethyst Crystals from Namibia? They call them Brandbergs

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Brandberg Quartz for sale at Throwin Stones

The Brandberg region of Namibia is always producing fantastic crystals! This year we hired some miners to go far out in the bush to a new prospecting area where we have found lustrous smokey crystals with skeletal formations. There are quite a number of negative spaces inside filled with fluid and moving air bubbles. Some of these pockets, instead of being a typical amorphous cavity, have formed into complete crystal shapes, making them "manifestation crystals", or containing negative crystals which is the shape of a crystal with a hollow space on the inside. Some of the perfectly formed negative crystals also contain fluid and air bubbles.

They are elusive crystals. At first glance one can skip right over the intricacies of the internal landscapes. It takes time to study and appreciate all the inner workings of each crystal. They are like no Brandbergs or any other Quartz I have ever seen. 

They will debut at the Tucson show February 2016, and we will have some to offer on the site some time later in 2016.

Love, Rusty